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Do you want a light and happy life? Of course, you do! So alight. You are a light. Part of all light. And once you alight the train of your thoughts of how you are supposed to be and of your stories of the past, you can start living as the light that you are. There’s not much you can do about some facts of life. But the way you respond to what happens is all yours. That makes all the difference. Dutch journalist, text writer, employer, board member, aunt, healer and coach Lisette Schuitemaker has conducted hundreds of conversations over the years. Her strength is that she can bring people right to the heart of the matter and shed light on patterns that block a free flow of life. The three insights brought together in this book are eye-openers. Apply her lightening views on yourself and expand your ways of letting your light shine. Use them in conversations with people dear to you and see them lighten up. That way we will all not only be alright. We’ll be all-light. And live radiant lives.

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