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The Mystic Accountants: The Banned Underground, #2

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‘Tolkien Meets Spinal Tap!’
The Mystic Accountants is the second outing for the dwarf rhythm-and-blues band and their jazz-loving, saxophone-playing bog troll leader.  They are about to acquire a new band member too, but quite by accident.  After all, they hadn’t planned to demolish the mystical Throne of the Dwarf King under the Mountain during one of their gigs, had they?  But the choice of punishment was easy: get locked up or go on a more-or-less paid-for quest to find another Throne.

The Quest takes them across Wales, unexpectedly by way of various pubs and a beer festival, until they find … well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?  And the Quest isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds either. The Dark Lord wants to intercept the Throne for purposes of his own, and his minions are in hot pursuit, until they run into a conspiracy to take over the nation of Wales by some Mad Monks.

Will the King of the Dwarves sit on a Throne again?  Will the Dark Lord triumph? And will the Mad Monks gain control of the country? (They couldn’t do a worse job than the politicians, I suppose.) Find out in this fast-moving, wisecracking, pun-filled satire on fantasy adventure quests.

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