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A Bride and her Bridesmaids

48 pages47 minutes


Looks can deceive - she's no angel!

Penny is preparing for her wedding, but she's not quite ready to give up the single life. She wants just one more hot encounter, just one last chance to let her wild side take control...

Will makes wedding dresses for a living. He can sense Penny's restless spirit, and she's just too beautiful to refuse...

They are happy to let their mutual passion inpire a purely physical encounter that is even more satisfying than they imagined it would be, but Penny's not quite ready to let things end there...

Her two bridesmaids are cute, sexy and just as horny as she is! When they arrive for a fitting at Will's shop things get really wild, but there's always a way to turn the heat up a little more!

Explicit sex secenes and wild group encounters that will blow your mind make this story strictly for adults only!



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