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Higher Consciousness and Kundalini

Length: 266 pages5 hours


Here are clear and direct answers to questions that millions of scholars, spiritual seekers and scientists have been asking – questions such as:

What is higher consciousness?
What is Kundalini?
How does Kundalini work?
What is the biological imperative for the next step in mankind’s evolution?
Is the current revolution in the younger generation a response to this imperative?
Are drugs an aid to achieving self-discovery?
What is the role of the sexual mechanism in Kundalini arousal?
What can we do to change society?
Are our leaders misleading us?
All these questions and nearly fifty more are answered by Gopi Krishna in this extremely lucid and informative book. They offer specifics on the physiological and psychological changes accompanying the awakening of Kundalini.
During the latter part of his life, Gopi Krishna was regarded by many scholars and scientists as a leading authority on Kundalini and consciousness research. Professor Carl Frederich von Weizsacker, Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Life Sciences, said: “This man is genuine. His thoughts and language are much simpler and direct (than scientific dialectics).”
Higher Consciousness and Kundalini is a book for those who are seriously seeking to understand what spiritual experience really is, what role it plays in their own personal evolution, and in the overall evolution of the race.

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