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Love From Disaster

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It has been seven years since Cassie left Zane because of Molly. Leaving Zane was the start to a horrible time in Cassie's life. Over the next year she not only lost her only brother but also became the victim of a stalker. She was kidnapped and nearly beaten to death. If it had not been for her brothers friend Gage she would never have made it out alive.
Now it is seven years later, she has finished college and is now interviewing for a position at one of the biggest Emergency Management Companies on the east coast. This should be a great new start, new city, new job, new Cassie. However, what she doesn't know is that the one person that she has never completely gotten over will be her new boss. Just when Cassie and Zane are reunited the past comes back like a storm bringing with it not only Molly but the stalker who is thought to be dead as well. Will the result be all disaster and destruction or can love conquer the storm?

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