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Mystic Moon Man

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KEVIN has amnesia, he can’t remember anything at all before last night, nothing at all! On the good side, he has visions of the future that always come true, until he has one that he must stop. It can’t come true. Kevin Ray Jefferson is seventeen years old, he is a minor who is dating the preachers daughter, Sandy, and he is in jail. He is going to be charged in the deaths of two Texas State Troopers, his cell mate says, “Man you are going to get the needle!" Then during a transfer to another jail, he escapes, steals a car and heads to Mexico. He meets a young Mexican girl and they live together, get married and have a son. Then, he meets Linda, a tall, blonde headed American woman, he falls in love with her and follows her back to America. His life changes as he is involved in a plot to assassinate a Judge, he desperately tries to get out of it, finding himself crossways with one of the most deadly killers in America.

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