Camille (Halfway Home, #1)

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Camille (Halfway Home, #1)

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 53 pages46 minutes


Everyone wants a piece of Camille. Struggling to finish her last few weeks at the halfway home and make the deal of a lifetime at work, Camille is being pulled in all directions. It looks like everything will work out, if she can just keep everyone satisfied long enough to keep her secrets safe.

Her ex-husband Phillip holds her freedom in his hands, and uses that leverage to take what he likes. She knows she didn't do right by Susan, but there was no way she could have realized that Susan was caught up in her mess. She just wanted to feel free and happy for a little while longer.

Robert may offer her a real chance at happiness, but can she forgive herself long enough to open her heart to him?

Book 1 of Halfway Home series erotic romances, tales of women in the Ohio Women's Detention Facility. They're just trying to get back to where they belong, at whatever the cost. A complete story, no cliffhanger.

**This story contains explicit depictions of adult sexual situations**

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