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Best of the Best

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Length: 45 pages33 minutes


When Billionaire Jonathan Danvers wife is taken, he hires the best female operative in the business to go undercover and retrieve her. Tara Carmichael is this operative, but soon she meets the same fate as Audra Danvers.

So, when Tara fails, the so called Best of the Best is brought in, but after hearing the particulars of the operation, Chris Winters wonders how a male operative could possibly succeed. However, Jonathan Danvers has the technology to produce an operative unlike any before.

Thanks to a lucrative contract worth a billion dollars, Chris goes against his better judgment and accepts the mission... and when a mind transference device places him inside the body of a gorgeous blonde, he must learn to deal with a lot more than just the mission. Does Chris succeed where others have failed? Is Jonathan finally reunited with his wife? Will Chris return to what he was... or will he meet the same fate as Tara and Audra?

The Best of the Best is an erotic sci-fi adventure, pitting science hypothesis against one another. In addition to a mind transference operation, there are collars designed for submission... and psyche patches enabling a whole slew of emotions. This tale has male/female and female/female sex, and of course, mind control eroticism... but this tale also includes a heavy dose of the transgender equation.

The following is an excerpt...

"Ah, yes... Here she is," Danvers said as the beautiful young woman entered the room.

Chris eyed the beauty with a smile, guessing her to be in her early twenties, and although she was dressed professionally, she was also dressed stylish to display her attributes. The woman possessed long dark hair that fell in waves down her back... sparkling blue eyes... and a very healthy looking rack.

"Meet Theresa Nichols... my wife's best friend. This is Mr. Winters, Theresa."

"Hello, sir... it's a pleasure to meet you," Theresa greeted Chris with a smile.

"The pleasure is all mine," Chris responded with his own smile.

"Fortunately, Theresa isn't married, so she didn't have to divorce anyone."

"I don't understand," Chris responded, confused.

"Theresa was with my wife the day she was taken."

Chris's eyes lit up and then he saw the collar underneath her turtleneck sweater.

"I had no choice but to turn her into one of my personal assistants."

"You collared her...?" Chris asked with shock.

"No. They collared her... and keyed her to where I'm her benefactor."

"But this is crazy!" Chris retorted.

"Tell Mr. Winters your sole purpose in life, Theresa."

"Yes, sir," Theresa replied, and then she turned to Chris. "My sole purpose in life is to please and pleasure Mr. Danvers in any way he so chooses."

"You see, Mr. Winters... The people who took my wife wanted me to understand their capabilities; otherwise I wouldn't have believed them. Before my wife's best friend was collared, she had just graduated college with my wife, and the corporate executives were grooming her for a CEO position. But now, thanks to her collar, all her priorities and desires have changed, and the only thing that matters to her is me."

"You're as bad as the people who took your wife!" Chris shouted.


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