Dragons' Twilight

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Dragons' Twilight

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 291 pages4 hours


Kaia, the Dragon of Fate, is losing her power of precognition. Her last vision was that of the deaths of countless humans by a new weapon of unknown origin which would be unleashed by a reckless king. Horrified, she races to the source only to be ambushed upon arrival. The ordeal leaves her helpless, abandoned, and unable to communicate. She believes the fate of the world is no longer in her grasp until she crosses paths with a kind-hearted hunter whom she places all of her hopes on.

Meanwhile, Alvar’s quest leads him far from home to the biggest city on the continent in search of a vague hero of prophecy. He is escorted by his childhood crush, Valerie Griffon, the short-tempered daughter of a respected fallen hero, who she strives to emulate as she protects the boy.

Little goes as planned, and all seems lost until a hated criminal awaiting his death sentence, realizes his dreams and unwittingly gives new hope for humanity only to find a graver threat lurking in the skies. Eventually the impossible question arises: How does one kill a Dragon God?

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