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Length: 138 pages2 hours


A young princess. A forced betrothal. The quest for survival.

Princess Kaella of Yatz's serene world comes to a grinding halt when her tiny village is invaded by forces of the Great Sol, an arch rival of Arkaz, under whose rule her village falls.
Fleeing for her life and from a forced betrothal, she teams up with unlikely allies, searches for her kidnapped sister and hopes to bring back help for her village...

"Arkaz is the tale of one girl’s quest to save her young sister and her people. Exciting, unique and cultural, it has a lot to offer young readers. Barakat Akinsiku is a great new voice in YA fiction who manages to tell a fresh new tale about the land of Yat’z an African kingdom currently caught up in a war that could well tear apart it’s people.
Equal parts magic, intrigue, romance and adventure, Arkaz tells the first part in a long journey for young Kaella and does a very good job of making it all as real and vital as any real life events. I was reminded of some of the classic fairy tales and legends from my own childhood and such classic works as Jungle Book, the Anansi tales, and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. The characters are strong, clearly developed and worthy of the plot. The story itself is interesting and moving, pulling us along with the characters as we go. Highly recommended for everyone age 13 and up."
-Amanda Lyons

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