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Demon Slayer

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As time passed after the demise of Hitler, Stalin, and their hordes of killers of millions of innocent people, the flood of the multitude of these offenders who were sent to the fire pits of Hell as punishment for their sins began to diminish to barely a trickle. Greatly concerned with the low number of new sinners, Hell's executive council searched for a means to increase their numbers. Their solution, since the edict under which they operate prohibits them from directly interfering in human affairs, was to create a half human--half demon hybrid who could operate outside this constraint and create mass mayham and chaos on Earth.
Clever though it was, the demon plot is foiled when the Arhcangel Michael discovers the demonic plot and creates his own agent on Earth, the Demon Slayer, to kill Hell's hybrid and prevent their impending disaster.
The events in this story of another struggle between good and evil take place in our own present, giving the protagonists a real character and fascinating adverntures.

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