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Eight short stories about what happens at the intersection of Love and Lies when the traffic light is broken.

Speed Dating in Heaven: The most famous bachelors and bachelorettes of history are locked in a gymnasium until they can pick an afterlife partner.

Same Old, Same Old: Connor is haunted by the ghost of Harper for three years, but tonight she’s offering an arrangement.

Mermaid Tale: A blind date at the beach.

Letters: The IT director at a school decides to blackmail all the teachers.

Jumpers: A look inside the life of an officer who talks down people from ledges.

Memo to Human Resources: A short riddle about a salesman tormented by his coworker, Clay Bennett.

The Cook: In Minneapolis, the dishwasher at Mag and Vic’s food truck discovers what the secret ingredient does.

The Genie: A woman finds a magic lamp in a drainage ditch. Wish 1: talk to God.

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