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Five Days In The Trees Near The Water: Eight Years Into Recovery

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In a page turning adventure, rich in symbolism, and adventures, the reader is invited inside the journey of Five Days. This Diary is Second in a series of Four heartwarming, tear jerking, and humorous tales which captivates the reader inside the world of a recovering morphine addict, whose dedication, perseverance and will to survive. Unbeknownst at the time of writing, this diary brought a 'living dead girl' back to life so she would always know how far she had come. Determined to persevere, succeed and overcome any and all obstacles which were and are to become her journey. Storms are a part of life, our willingness to listen to the stillness, and embrace the magic all around are the guiding light out of whatever it is which humans are so easily trapped in despairing situations. There is always light, for without the dark, light cannot shine. I believe this testament I had written years before was no coincidence. This Diary had become my lantern in desolate and seemingly hopeless obstacles, leading me back towards the light.

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