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100 Ways to Become a Better, Prouder, Smarter, Stronger, and More Respected Leader: The Courageous Leader's Pocket Companion

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Who becomes a leader? The leader is set apart from the rest; you are in your position because you have worked hard and are committed, and because you have certain qualities that prove helpful to the workers and the company. At least this is the way it is supposed to be. But in reality the people choose their leader regardless of his or her title. You don’t become a leader by placing a “supervisor” patch on your shirt; you become a leader by exercising a set of qualities that make others want to follow.

This book is an easy reference that the leader can use every day to seek inspiration on a number of topics, including leader integrity, communication, establishing and maintaining vision, creating a winning team, delegation of duties, and critique and evaluation.

Good leadership requires maintenance. It is not enough to tell your team what you want them to do. You must also follow up, give feedback, and give each member an opportunity to voice his or her concerns. To have a positive and lasting impact on the members of your team, you must respect the fact that people are different. When you and your team meet this way, you may feel invincible. This is what makes consistent victory possible. There is no greater feeling!

This concise study makes an excellent gift to the aspiring and field tested leader alike. Some of the material is excerpted from Leadership, It Ain’t Rocket Science, also by Martina Sprague.

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