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Famous Social Reformers & Revolutionaries 4: Mikhail Bakunin

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He is the founder of collectivist anarchism. Bakunin is undoubtedly one of the most powerful figures of anarchism. He was also one of the main founders of the ‘social anarchist’ tradition.

On account of being a highly respected and popular activist, he is considered as one of the most famous ideologues in Europe. Throughout Europe and Russia, he had his significant influence among radicals.

Bakunin was born and brought up in Pryamukhino, a family estate in Tver Governorate. Right from his early age he was interested in philosophy. He began to study philosophy and then studied the French encyclopédistes.

Famous Social Reformers & Revolutionaries 4: Mikhail Bakunin
Family Background and Early Years
Bakunin’s Interest in Philosophy
His Time in Several European Countries
Bakunin’s Confession and Exile
Escape From Siberia and Back to Europe
Beginning of the Anarchist Movement
Bakunin’s Maxim and Thought
Bakunin’s Critique of Marxism
Bakunin’s Views on Federalism, Liberty, and Materialism
About the Revolutionary Potential
Bakunin’s Influence and Criticism
Bakunin and Anti-Semitism
Books Written by Bakunin

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