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The Awakening of Kundalini

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According to Gopi Krishna, planted in every human being is a powerful reservoir of life-energy which, when roused to activity, can lead to transcendental states of consciousness, genius, and supernormal psychic abilities, including Revelation. This extraordinary but little-known activity follows the awakening of Kundalini, which he termed the psycho-physiological mechanism responsible for human evolution.
In the human reproductive system, this life-energy or prana is normally expressed in an outward direction for procreation. But when Kundalini becomes active, prana is sent to the brain via the spinal cord,
Gopi Krishna, who wrote from his own direct experience of Illumination or Cosmic Consciousness said that we are presently in the midst of a worldwide, though often misunderstood, process of evolution to a higher state of consciousness. In this book, he describes how Kundalini works and how it can be activated through meditation and by living a regulated life.

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