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Shattered Intimacy

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When Paul Fable encounters Greta Grimaldi in the basement laundry room of their apartment building he has no idea what will soon unfold.
The two neighbors keep bumping into one another, and before long, they begin a tenuous affair. Greta tries to keep her emotions in check, while Paul steers clear of anything too serious. However, as we all know, rapid intimacy often leads to quick and brutal separation. Shattered Intimacy is a tale of two souls who need each other at an extremely difficult time in both of their lives.
Just when Greta thinks she is free from her emotional ties to Paul, he lets her know that he is beginning to feel something a bit deeper. When he tells her that he is leaving to go back home to Montana, she braces herself for his impending departure. What she doesn't know is that he will return in a few months with a new girlfriend in tow.

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