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The Stones of Song: The Complete Series

952 pages16 hours


These are the stories of the Stone family: Brian, Lisa, and Brandon, and the ways in which they were called by God to do great and wonderful things, in spite of their faults and flaws..

Unclouded Day: Brian Stone’s life isn’t easy. Abandoned by his father, abused by his alcoholic mother, and mocked by his classmates, his only treasures are his beloved little brother and his old guitar. This is the tale of his journey to find the Fountain of Youth, and perhaps to save the world.

Many Waters: Lisa Stone is a small-town waitress with heavy burdens to bear. Cody McGrath is a young cowboy with mystical dreams and some very dangerous enemies. But when the two of them must face down an evil witch who tries to destroy their very lives, it seems that only a miracle can save them.

Bran the Blessed: Brandon Stone hasn’t always made the right choices in life, but he’s never found himself in quite such deep trouble as this. But even with a baby on the way and a life that seems wrecked forever, Bran still has a high calling to answer, if he can find the courage.

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