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Flying Space Available On Military Aircraft II

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One of the most prized benefits of military service is the capability to fly -"space available" to any location that the mission aircraft is headed-free. With exception of a few bucks for airport fees and a box lunch , the flight is free to qualified personnel. Retired veterans and their spouses, active duty personnel on leave or moving from one duty station to another--as well as some reserve members. This book describes how to sign up for the flights and how to locate schedules of where the flights are going. Using social media such as facebook and the web, travelers can pick a location and fly there almost free if there is "space available" after all mission requirements have been meant. The larger C5 Galaxy and C17 aircraft can carry as many as 73 qualified passengers to Europe and Asia or just across the USA to another base. The tricks and savvy on how to find the flight you and your family desire are described in detail along with what to expect in the way of amenities along the way.

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