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Spirituality in Speech: Gnani Purush Dadashri

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Speech runs this world. It can be hurtful or helpful. It can make a heaven or hell in the home, workplace, or within a human being. Gnani Purush Dadashri says that, "Some women tell me they still bear scars in their chest from what their husbands said to them twenty or thirty years ago. What kind of a rock of speech was hurled that the wound still has not healed? Such wounds should not be inflicted." Gnani Purush Dadashri became enlightened in 1958, and since 1962 He has been revealing phenomenal understanding that is helpful to human beings in all matters of worldly interactions. He has also shown a very clear and easy path for spiritual progress and liberation.
Everyone has had experiences of serious hurt received from hurtful speech as well as pain caused to others by words that have been spoken to them. There is a science underlying this pain or pleasure effects through speech. Gnani Purush Dadashri unveils them with unprecedented clarity in this abridged version of the book. The original book on Speech compiled and produced by Atmagnani D. Niruben Amin is in Gujarati and is a large volume of more than 500 pages on the Science of Speech.

Dadashri says : Even when you pluck just one string, so many other words arise within out of having spoken just one word. That is what God calls ‘adhyavasan;’ it means that words arise even when you do not want to speak them. As soon as you have the desire to utter just one word, other words will formulate and be spoken automatically. A tremendous energy will arise within for the excessive words, even against your wish. So many such ripples of vibrations arise that they will not allow anyone to achieve liberation, which is why I have put forth this Akram Vignan. How wonderful this science of the step-less path to liberation is. This science is such that any intelligent person can bring an end to this worldly puzzle.

This book on Spirituality in Speech will help heal the terrible pains that human beings continue to suffer, life after life, due to hurt caused through speech.

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