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I've Got My Eye On You

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Yasmin Naylor should be happy. She had a wonderful summer. She is joining the Varsity cheerleaders this year, and her boyfriend, David, is a true gem. Unfortunately, Yasmin is anxious about this year and about life. She's trying to control her fears, but she can't help but think things are going to fall apart.

Nicole Lawson is pretty unhappy. Though she is a parent's dream, she feels alone. She enjoys spending time with her best friend, Yasmin, but sometimes that isn't enough. Nicole wants to be known, liked, and befriended by her peers. She wants a boyfriend and the teen life she sees on TV. Now that she's officially sixteen, Nicole is allowed to date. She has her sights set on Kenneth, but she's much to shy to approach him. Can Nicole be the person she wants to be?

Anya Dorn is bored. Her family moved to Virginia from Florida. Though her stepfather is alright and her new stepsister is adorable, Anya is nervous about being in a new school and a new place. When Anya meets David, the attraction is instant. Unfortunately, David has a girlfriend. Anya, never one to back down from what she wants, decides to go after David. Will she be able to break Yasmin and David up?

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