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The Warmth of His Touch: A collection of five erotic stories

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A collection of five erotic stories with a central theme of sex in foreign places.

The Warmth Of His Touch by Viva Jones

When Belinda accepts her friend’s dare to date the intellectual and straight-laced Alistair, who is about as far from her usual rugged and sporty type as he possibly could be, she doubts their relationship will go much further than a weekly meet-up at the book club.  With little in common and not much chemistry, she’s on the verge of breaking up with him when he invites her to his family’s ski chalet in Austria. Expecting a bit of skiing and some commiseration sex before dumping him, Belinda hasn’t counted on a broken boiler and sub-zero temperatures, and Alastair’s surprising ability to keep her warm...

The Invitation by Maria Lloyd

Juliana is stunned and excited by a surprise invitation left in her pigeonhole at work.  It is from her secret lover and master. Tickets and itinerary to some pleasure gardens on a Greek Island for that very weekend.  She must be there Saturday, 7 p.m. in her red dress.  What does he have planned for her there?  Will their relationship be raised another notch in excitement, another layer in intimacy?  She cannot wait to discover what might be in store for her…

The Oregon Trail by Landon Dixon

He’d traced her from the east coast to the west – Portland, Oregon. My town. I assured him I could find her, for a price. And I did, until she got away. Then the chase was on again, further west still, out to the picturesque town of Astoria perched on the wooded hills at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River where it emptied into the Pacific Ocean. Then down the coast, to sandy, steamy, shimmering Cannon Beach. But, yeah, there were plenty of attractions along the way.

Escape by Clarice Clique

Chloe is bored and lost in her life. She wants something more, something different. Could her online encounter with a photographer known as Silver5 provide her with the escape she longs for? In a strange land with a strange man, Chloe confronts the heat of the Sahara desert. With nowhere to hide from the burning sun she feels stripped to her basest parts and left with nothing but her primal desires.

Burning Woman by LA Fields

Owen hopes his trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada will recharge his life. The real world after college has disappointed him, and for a while it seems his desert vacation will too. But a brief connection with a smouldering young woman named Missy might just give him back his old school optimism. 

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