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Rough Play

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic gay stories with mixed themes including m/m, contemporary, historical, menage, BDSM, voyeurism, sex in public, interracial, and seasonal.

Rough Play

Braden was on the college football team. As a result, the big lug was kind of shy about his gayness. So, he used horseplay as foreplay – his way of getting a certain sexy little nerd to do exactly as he wished, and wanted. He performed best under pressure, after all. Who says all jocks are dumb, let alone straight?

Stacked in Back

Libraries aren’t just for checking out books. They’re for checking out men too. The counter personnel can be homely as a Louisa May Alcott novel, and the security guards chunky as the latest Stephen King bestseller. But a lot of the customers are nice to look at, and some of the young men restacking the shelves make pleasant browsing for horny patrons. As they say in the book-lending business: when these stacks are rockin’, don’t come a stockin’.

Secret Santa’s Workshop

Ted wanted to be an elf, work for Santa. Only problem was, at 6’ 2” tall and 220 pounds, he was way too big for the regular toyshop. Fortunately, Santa had another workshop, perfect for a man of Ted’s proportions; a place where they assembled “adult” toys. Ted took to the job like a horny reindeer to sleigh traces.

Black Marketeer

Ben Jardin was the biggest black marketeer in southern Arizona. With the war on, rationing a reality, and with a warehouse full of illicit goods to back him up, he could help people out – for the right price. It was usually a good deal for all the men he serviced. Until a couple of real racketeers tried to muscle him out of some of his merchandise. That’s when Ben Jardin had to work it really dirty.


Theirs was a liberal fraternity, open to anyone regardless of orientation. So, when one brother-lover suggested a “gitch raid”  to his other loving brother, stealing and soiling the underwear from a fellow fraternity on campus, they were both in. Deep and depraved. Come and gitch it!


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