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Cocktales - 3 Book Bundle

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Enjoy a varied selection of erotic short stories by bestselling authors including Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell, Justine Elyot, K D Grace and Charlotte Stein in this fantastic 3 book bundle from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand four years in a row! Originally published as three separate books you can now enjoy all twenty-four stories as a single ebook.

The Deepest Dig  by Sylvia Lowry:

When archaeologist Anne attends a dig in Egypt she discovers an erotic, ancient mosaic. Taking inspiration from the once hidden treasure, Anne decides to explore her archaeologist colleague Clive.  

Heat It Up by Shashauna P Thomas:

A woman meets her ultimate fantasy in fireman Mark. After baking the fire crew some tasty treats, she and Mark are finally alone and things start to heat up on a private tour of the station.

Just Watch Me by Justine Elyot:

Once shy, Sharleen now craves attention, and with the help of her boyfriend James, she becomes an internet sensation.

Two Girls, One Cop by Elizabeth Coldwell:

Best friends Janice and Fiona unexpectedly encounter Officer Ledley whist on a road trip through Nevada. Fiona’s fantasies of submission soon become reality.

Making the Most of All in New Zealand by Eva Hore:

On a trip to New Zealand to visit her cousin, an eager young woman finds her cousin’s Maori husband irresistible while horse riding and is treated to a wild ride she’ll never forget.

The Clearing by Chriss Ross

A long hot summer leads Lucy out to the forest to sunbathe. She oils herself up and falls asleep in the sun, waking to find she is not alone. Who is this stranger, and why does his touch leave her begging for more?

Cowgirl Honeymoon by Tamsin Flowers

All grown up and married now a woman on her honeymoon has always wanted to be a cowgirl. She persuades her new husband to take her to a ranch, where he does little but sulk. Eager to explore she goes for a ride with rancher Tex and gets the ride she wanted in more ways than one.

Would You Like Fries with That? by Sommer Marsden

A woman with a passion for men in fast food uniform picks her new target for a hook up and goes about enticing him. Meeting after work they retire to his van for a hook up and despite his youth he surprises her with his sexual appetite.

Under The Desk by Charlotte Stein

Bored in a crowded office a secret exhibitionist gets her thrills masturbating under her desk. Whilst at work she visits an online chat room where she meets a very unlikely.

All You Can Eat by Josie Jordan

Used to getting what he wants, Dawn’s boyfriend Gary pressures her into a partner swap with another couple at the airport hotel. Adam, her partner for the night, is sweet and caring and very satisfying, but Dawn doesn’t quite understand how he’s ok with his girlfriend sleeping with another man, until he explains it to her…

One Item or Fewer by Elizabeth Coldwell

A one garment only party results in the orgy one couple in particular were hoping for. With the host now divorced and happily off the leash he has time to play with his old friends, and this party gives them the chance they need to get nicely re-acquainted.

Star-fucker by Jade Taylor

She’s the photographer all the celebs flock to. He’s the actor she’s had a secret crush on for years. She makes it a firm rule never to sleep with any of her subjects; but in this most intimate of photo-shoots, some rules are meant to be broken…

Have Your Cake and Eat It by Jeremy Smith

Catering for children’s parties is always a nightmare for one woman but as her boyfriend turns up to help hear clear the leftovers before they leave she has an idea – why not use those leftovers for something a little more interesting?

Deeds of Mercy by Giselle Renarde

Mercedes spent years as the mistress of Simon, an unhappily married man. After ending their affair she met and fell in love with Anwar, but needs a way to pay for the wedding at sees prostituting herself to her old flame as a perfect scheme to get some fa

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