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Disciplining Dee

51 pages


An Xcite Books collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including BDSM, CP, m/f, f/f, fem dom, fem sub and voyeurism.

Disciplining Dee by Alex Jordaine

Master John is crazy about his slave Dee. But her constant wilfulness is threatening to destroy their relationship. In desperation he turns for help to the formidable Mistress Isabella. The dominatrix offers to discipline John’s feisty slave herself and in the process give the young woman such a shock to the system that it will cure her of her wilfulness once and for all. Isabella is determined to break Dee but the stubborn slave is equally determined that she won’t be broken. The epic battle of wills that follows can only have one winner.

The Hot Seat by Heidi Champa

A two-hour flight can feel much longer when your mistress has ordered you to wear a vibrating butt-plug for the whole journey. This well-trained slave submits to the tormenting stimulation willingly, even when she knows she’s attracted the curious attention of the handsome passenger across the aisle, for obedience is always rewarded.

Après Ski by Sam Stewart

Work-obsessed businessman, Frank, and his beautiful, pampered wife, Alison, are on a skiing holiday in the snow-covered French Alps. Their love is fading with neglect and their marriage is heading for the rocks. Alison longs for her husband to take her in hand and deal with her bratty behaviour but Frank can’t see it. When a holiday flirtation with Jean-Paul, a handsome French ski instructor, results in the spanking she has always craved, is it the end of the road for Alison and Frank or just the beginning?

Jacqueline’s Punishment by Natasha Knight

When Jacqueline’s lover sends her to Marcus to be disciplined, he gives her the gift of a riding crop to take along. Jacqueline is both frightened and excited as the train races from her beloved Paris toward London where Marcus awaits her. Her attraction to Marcus coupled with his unyielding reputation make her want to surrender, but he will still have to earn her submission. Jacqueline hopes he will be a man to possess her like no other has before.

The Window by Bex vanKoot

A married couple on the lookout for something new and exciting escape into an intense, exhibitionist fem dom spanking experience. But as their session with the gorgeous Naomi begins to open a window on their deepest desires, there’s one more surprise in store for them …

Borrowing Him by Elizabeth Coldwell

Chrissie dreams of exploring her fantasies of domination and control, but stuck in a holiday cottage on a wet weekend and still reeling from her sudden break-up, she feels she’ll never have the opportunity. Luckily, best friend Lisa has the perfect thing to help play mistress – and she’s only too happy to let Chrissie borrow him …

These stories have also been published in Tops and Bottoms.


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