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Pink Cheeks and Chocolate

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including historical, BDSM, CP, spanking, m/f, fem dom, and fem sub.

Pink Cheeks and Chocolate by Amy LeBlanc

Mistress Sofi has three great desires: Luc, her beloved slave; her need to dominate, and her love of chocolate. So when it comes time to reign in her slave’s rebellious behaviour Sofi decides a serious spanking is in order, but this time with a delicious twist as she uses his talents as a chocolatier to satisfy all her needs.

Bottom Central by Kate Dominic

She has her own dungeon. She’s wearing two pairs of high quality handcuffs in her left belt loop and a little whip on her keyring. She looks like a quiet little butch dyke, she can tell at a glance who has the hots for whom, and she has a penchant for “innocently” shocking people into doing what she wants. Find out what happens in a small Midwestern town when the only leather bar in town has too few tops, and a very kinky dominatrix who loves doing gay men.

Mama Told Me Not to Come by Carole Archer

Polly had a fascination with spanking. When she saw a vacancy for a maid at Lord Grantham’s stately home, she begged her mother to let her go and work there. Her mother was reluctant as she knew her only daughter would be subject to the discipline that was commonplace in the home, something she had always shielded Polly from. Eventually, she agreed, but will Polly find being spanked is all she hoped it would be, or will she end up wishing she’d listened to her mother?

Experience Points by Bertram Fox

It’s called fantasy live role-playing, but sometimes the fantasies aren’t just about dragons. He knows a lot more about Star Trek than he does about girls, but when an elven warrior maiden says she’ll only go with a man who can defeat her in battle, even a nerd knows what to do next … and finds a new and improper use for a rubber sword. A wonderful night like that has to be worth at least 300 experience points.

Tricked by Medea Mor

Brooke is hot for Stuart’s cock. She wants nothing more than to hold it in her mouth and lavish all her attention on it. Unfortunately for her, Stuart has other plans. He gives her a playful belting and flogging, then expresses a wish to cane her – something Brooke has always resisted because she fears the pain. Who gets his or her own way? Or will there be a happy ending for both of them?

These stories have also been published in Tops and Bottoms.


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