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School of Spank

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including BDSM, CP, spanking, m/f, f/f, fem dom, fem sub, voyeurism, and fetish.

School of Spank by John McKeown

Victoria Hardcastle’s a lady who lives up to her name: a high-flying dealer with a world-class finance company. But her boss thinks she’s getting a little too cocky and could do with a dose of humility, courtesy of a secret management training facility whose curriculum this punishment fetishist took a keen interest in designing. Particularly the centre’s somewhat kinkily macabre ultimate weapon. But will Victoria really learn anything under its remorseless ministrations?

Party Girl by Anna Sansom

People can behave quite differently when they’re at a party: some are the life and soul of the room; others become shrinking violets. It was time to find out what Nikki would do, and just how well she would behave for me in public. If she passed the test she would then get to party with me in private. And I would get to experience her very special party trick.

Smile for the Camera by Kathleen Tudor

For James, a domination session begins when he turns on his webcam. His cruel but loving mistress, Scarlet, has a variety of torments she will make him undergo, all the while watching via her PC, and donning a ball-gag and cock ring is only the beginning of his lesson in erotic endurance…

Not Funny by Giselle Renarde

Bonnie’s always suspected she could use a good dose of pain. Her sex life with Darren is satisfying, but very routine. She’s tried to sell her husband on spanking, but he thinks the idea of adults smacking one another is a little weird. One morning, after a sexy shower, Darren surprises Bonnie by flicking her ass with his towel. She can’t believe the burn. By mid-day her ass is streaked with whip wounds and she can’t sit still. She places a call. Darren’s only marked one cheek so far... would he mind rushing home to take care of the other?

These stories have also been published in Tops and Bottoms.


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