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Hungry Girls: A collection of five lesbian erotic stories

57 pages


Hungry Girls by Angel Propps

Jules isn’t looking forward to her blind date, and she certainly doesn’t count on Alex discovering her naughty little secret. After all, wearing a strap-on sex toy to dinner isn’t to everyone’s tastes. But luckily, Alex is hungry for everything Jules has to offer – and during an unforgettable trip to the ladies’ room, she gets to put Jules’s toy to the test.


Heating the Sauna by Kathleen Tudor

Nikki’s the kind of personal trainer who believes in pushing her clients to their limits and beyond. But she also believes in taking some “me time” in the sauna after a session, and that’s where the really steamy fun begins.


The Silent Observer by Alcamia Payne

Voluptuous Bella’s life is turned upside down when she moves into her new apartment and discovers Kitten Dupré, the beautiful femme fatale next door. To catch a glimpse of her unrequited love, Bella sets up an arrangement of secretly placed mirrors, but hasn’t bargained on observing Kitten’s constant parade of lovers. And the tables are soon about to be turned, as Kitten has been using her own private means of observation and it takes just one small slip for the devious feline to inveigle her way into Bella’s affections.


Dressed to Impress by Emma Lydia Bates

Serena knows her girlfriend, Rose, is as gay as gay can be. Yet one night, Rose tells her she wants to go out with a man – and brings out the clothes she intends to dress Serena in. Nervous and aroused, Serena soon sees an evening of fun and mischief ahead as her girlfriend’s “man about town”.


Open House by Elizabeth Coldwell

Lisa’s neighbour, Karin, is an icy Scandinavian beauty who’s done very well out of her recent divorce. She doesn’t even know Lisa exists – or so Lisa thinks, until she finds herself being asked to Karin’s open house party. Initially out of her depth in the invited company, Lisa soon learns that a hot, lusty cougar hides behind her neighbour’s cool, controlled façade.

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