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The Jewel Box

73 pages1 hour


An historical erotic novella with lesbian themes by Alcamia Payne.

Clemmie Beaumont is a beautiful widow and her plantation has been ravaged by the American Civil War. Clemmie’s only option to save her home seems to be to sell the Beaumont Jewels. 

Then Clemmie meets African slave girl, Pearl, and they realise they have something very important in common: They both prefer women to men. Pearl is very naughty and introduces Clemmie to a whole new world of debauched erotic delights and sexual role play including masculine dressing up and tribal piercing.

Clemmie falls into a world of erotic fantasy, indulging all her carnal desires, finding true love and discovering a woman can have more than one kind of precious jewel box.

Finally, Clemmie discovers Pearl is nimble fingered in more than a sexual sense. Her light fingered maid soon provides Clemmie with an ideal solution to her conundrum of how to save “Asunta,” her beloved home.

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