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The Favour: A collection of five erotic stories

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A collection of five mixed erotic stories with a central themes of threesomes.

The Favour by Leslie Lee Sanders

Jenna Madison is determined to keep her marriage full of spice. Convinced her husband is unhappy with their sex life, she searches for her husband’s high school buddy with hopes of restoring a little more than their friendship. Maybe the amazing Brandon Stone would do her a favour and provide the couple with the perfect amount of spice needed to save their marriage.

As You Wish by Heidi Champa

Trish is happy with her boyfriend, Jake. Her ex-boyfriend, Todd has become a friend, a part of her past that she remembers with fondness. Until one night after a party, when Jake makes an unusual request. Now, Trish needs to decide if she will grant Jake’s wish and let her past and present collide. For just one night.
Belonging by Justine Elyot

Tamara didn’t feel she belonged anywhere until she found someone to belong to. Now she is owned by married couple Paul and Danni, who have trained her to serve them in every way they require. On the five-year anniversary of their meeting, Tamara’s owners organise a special night of service, submission and reward, intent on showing her exactly where, and to whom, she belongs.

Three to Tango by Josie Jordan

Lauren’s shaking in her boots. And it’s not just because of the pounding bass beat. From across the crowded dancefloor, his gaze holds hers. He’s gorgeous and he can’t seem to take his eyes off her. But how will he react when she invites him home with her ... and her feisty friend Tia?

Wrong Number by Jean-Philippe Aubourg

Everything about Sarah’s new home and business is going well – everything apart from her new phone number. It used to belong to a down-market escort agency, and Sarah is thoroughly fed up with calls from seedy men in the small hours. But then she gets a call she never expected – a call from another girl. Carla is seeking a playmate to join her and her soldier boyfriend for a one-off threesome. Tempted, Sarah agrees, and the most amazing night of her life begins ...

These stories have also been published in Threesomes ISBN 9781907016554

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