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Whatever You Want: An erotic novel

253 pages3 hours


An erotic novel with mixed themes including female submission, menage, lesbian and multicultural by Nicole Dere

Crissie will do absolutely anything for Simon Kent, including having sex with other men, such as Mattius, a local fisherman, and even girls like the beautiful, wayward Wanda, on the tropical East African coastal paradise to which Simon has brought her. Wanda is a runaway daughter of the Sharifs, one of the wealthiest families on the East African coast. Simon confides to Crissie that he is disastrously in debt to the powerful, unsavoury Monsieur Auguste Mazarin, who has a sinister hold over him, and asks her help in his plan to kidnap Wanda, with Mazarin’s connivance, in order to pay off his debt to him. And that's when both Crissie's love for Simon - and her need to to be dominated - are really put to the test...

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