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You Can't Always Get What You Want

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Get What You Want
Henry Thompson, is a British retired teacher and he and his wife are highly respected members of the Bangkok ex-pat community. So why suddenly, beyond belief does he up and rob his local bank in bewildering circumstances.
His friends rally around, they believe the stress of him being the only care-giver too his 'troubled' wife has become all too much. The Thai Police though, are not so sympathetic, they are sure they have their man. However despite the evidence piling up against him, a befuddled Henry steadfastly refuses to remember or too confess to his crime.
Moreover, there is something more puzzling, something far more unsettling, for Henry's only friend in the British Consulate.
It is regards a photograph of a mysterious little girl, whose very existence Henry only acknowledges through outrage, tantrum and fury.

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