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Perversion Process: A collection of five erotic stories

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A collection of five spanking stories with mixed, exciting themes.

Perversion Process by Rachel Kramar Bussel

Did Oliver really turn Serena into a pervert or had she been one all along? She knew right from their very first date he was assertive, the sort of man that took what he wanted, how he wanted. Could she trust him, allow him to take over her body and do with what he pleased? Was she ready for the brutality she knew would be forthcoming? Would she use the safeword, risk disappointing him if she could take no more?

Bitch by Ashley Hind

So boldly confident was I until I met her. One look from her and I was utterly under her spell. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be so bold as to caress the bottom of the statue of Erato and then to tongue the cold marble in front of a perfect stranger just to get her attention, and yet I did. I beckoned her to follow, leaving my door ajar, knowing when I turned she would be there and she didn’t disappoint but when she slapped me, well, the battle for supremacy was on.

Paying for It by Justine Elyot

Professor Strict. She found him on a website. Did she dare, could she make an appointment to see him, to ask a complete stranger to spank her? She does and when she asks does he really only fuck the naughtiest and is this just a job to him, he accedes. But when he decides to leave this dream job is she ready for what comes next?

It’s All Jenna Jameson’s Fault by Cyanne

Being an exhibitionist made it easy for Lacey to become a lap dancer but when the club she was working in closed down she could only work as a topless dancer. She quickly became bored, desperate for her old life. When she received a copy of Jenna Jameson’s book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, it gave her and idea of how to make her job more interesting. Called into the manager’s office to explain her antics she gets more than she bargained for.

Spend or Save by Heidi Champa

The shoe department was the one place she promised Jake she’d stay out of but try as she might she just couldn’t. She was addicted to not just shoes but accessories as well. So when Jake calls to say he’s working late she revels in the freedom of being able to bring out all her hidden treasures and is parading about in her new boots when he comes home early. Enraged he ties her to the bed and begins a spanking she will never forget but will she really remember her promises?

These stories have also been published in Ultimate Spanking ISBN 9781907016127

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