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Publish with a Purpose

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ePublishing - Publish with a Purpose is an
amazing book that teaches its readers how
to use ePublishing to its maximum potential.
It is all about self publishing and about
getting a book published. Yes, you can now
easily publish your own book. ePublishing
is not just about writing books and selling
them; ePublishing takes into consideration
many facets of moving both books and products
into the marketplace using proprietary techniques
developed by ePublishing -
Publishing with a Purpose offers a series of
programs designed to market just about anything
and moves laterally into the marketplace with
both massive and viral marketing techniques.
The techniques described can be used for any
product and service beyond “publish on demand,”
self publishing and book publishing online. You
have never even imagined marketing techniques like
these so if you are an author or business owner,
you need to read this book.

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