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Handsome Men Bite Back

95 pages1 hour


Handcuffed to the horny dragon...

Pretty boy Alyx is sentenced to five years on a prison planet for a crime he didn’t commit. On route, he’s chained to a sexy, pierced man who sure as hell deserves to be incarcerated. When the ship they’re on has a riot, Alyx is stuck fleeing with his forced partner.

Tor has hidden his species from everyone as a dragon from the Dark Planets. That is until he’s cuffed to a timid human. Together they must avoid the law and find the killer among the criminals that are picking them off one by one. He is falling for the smart and shy Alyx. When things get tough, Tor must shift into his larger dragon form to save them but what will the pretty boy think of his beast within?

The world seems to always be nipping at Alyx’s ass. Now it’s time for him to bite back.

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