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The Color of White

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Racism - The Color of White is all about bigotry
and racism today. White is not a mere absence of
color; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as
fierce as red, as definite as black and color
blind racism is something you need to read about
in this book. White light includes colors of
every other wavelength. It cannot exist without
the other colors in the spectrum. As in the human
existence and spectrum, white needs the other races
or color in order to be white. But racism isn’t
just about the differences in the color of our skin.
Wherever prejudice and malice lurk, racism and bigotry
stand with them for you never see any one of them without
the other. The Color of White takes you into the real
world of hatred and racism in America. It shows you
how it starts and what keeps it going. The Color of
White is a short history of injustice; it is a must
read and it will change the way you live and believe.
Racism - The Color of White offers racism facts,
racism statistics about modern racism. The cold hard
facts about racism cannot and should not be ignored.

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