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Golden Legend- Lost City in the Andes: Myths, legends and Crime, #1

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 A 10th century saga recounts the arrival of a castaway Scandinavian to the New World and the Mayan cities of the time. He is accepted in them under the influence of the God Kukulkan myths

An uncertain but recurrent genetic thread links those misty characters with the protagonist in the current era, a young Mexican archaeologist, and through her with the members of an expedition whose role is to find El Gran Paititi, legendary lost city of the Incas

The expedition has attracted the attention of dangerous people who are looking for Paititi by its riches. A former Soviet intelligence leader commands a gang of mercenaries of many nationalities.

Finally, a strange millennial group of alleged descendants of the Incas intends to expel all foreigners who pollute the sacred site of the race, which they seek to preserve for the day of the resurrection of the vast Empire.

All these elements interact in the novel, creating a climate of sustained suspense and anxiety which is finally resolved unexpectedly.

This book is part of the series "Civilizations, myths and crime"

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