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Afternoon Heat: A 1999 Pulp Fiction

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Two men and one woman. One of the men is a killer. Who is going to die first? In the rich tradition of Jim Thompson's "The Killer inside Me" plus the more recent TV series, DEXTER, this novel explores the life style and mind set of a killer. A serial killer, lone wolf type. The story is set in the glittering beach cities of Southern California during the year 1999. 1999 is a good year. Stocks are up and the only problem in the White House is misuse of Cuban cigars. People in their twenties are finding it easy to make money. The economy is great and life at the beach couldn't get any better. There is sex, sushi, drugs, drinking, goth/vampire clubs and good times to be had by all. Even serial killers.

Tom has arrived in California after five years of travel and killing. He has changed his identity more often than some people change their pants. He is 23 years old, tall and strong. He would be good looking except for a certain blankness of expression. Tom has never been caught. He is still unknown to the law. In his mind, he is free to do whatever he wants. To kill whomever he wants. Tom does not obey rules, except for his own rules. He has decided that he will not kill in his own backyard. He will no longer kill near where he lives. Tempting him to forget his rules, is his beautiful neighbor. A woman he can't stop thinking about unless he kills someone else. When the attraction between him and the neighbor heats up under the summer sun, Tom is at a lost. Other killings do not do the trick. It all goes back to her, every time. What is a killer to do?

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