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The Curious Tales of Mr Mayhew and Mr Broker

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Twelve decidedly odd short stories featuring intriguing characters to whom curious things happen. Some of the tales take place in the real world and others take place . . . elsewhere. Join the ancient Mr Mayhew and his elderly dog, Methuselah, as the old man relates a series of strange yarns to his good friend Mr Broker, with a moral in every tale.

• We may all think that we’re basically decent, principled people. But are we? Discover how Sylvie was forced to face up to the truth about herself in “The Mirror”.
• Find out what happens in “Sadie’s Triumph” when an atheist called Sadie dies and then wakes up hanging naked from an infinitely long chain in front of ‘the adjudicator’.
• A man who can remember the future but has no knowledge of the past? Read about the perils of precognition in “The Man Who Wasn’t Nostradamus”.
• A truly harrowing tale of a woman driven by circumstances to perform a dreadful act. But does her suffering excuse what she did? Decide for yourself in the terrifying and deranged “Pig Squeal”.
• In “Flush” a fellow called Chaff has some serious decisions to make about his freedom. The fewer commitments he has, the more free he becomes. But what to get rid of?
• Don’t believe in E.S.P? Neither does Mr Wilber. So what will he do when his visions show him glimpses of a horrible future? Find out in the tragic tale of “Mr Wilber’s Decision”.
• In “Lifeboat” two very different men face up to the same painful death. But what does one of them know that the other doesn’t?
• Imminent death concentrates the mind wonderfully, they say. In “The Drop” a man makes a contract with himself, giving himself three years to live. But why would he keep the bargain?
• Cleo’s appalling harridan of a mother is in for a terrible shock when she uncovers her daughter’s astonishing secret in “Cleo’s Rebellion”.
• Is there a place for faith in science? You may think not after you have read what happens to Professor Helene Tully in “The Tully Machine”.
• What makes a person who they are, their body or their mind? It’s a very real dilemma for the poor tormented soul in “Adam / Eve”.
• Is the venerable author of these curious tales destined to meet his end by foul play? Discover the truth in the final tale, “Mr Mayhew’s Murder”.

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