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Atkins Diet: The Ultimate Atkins Diet Guide - Atkins Diet Plan For Weight Loss, Atkins Diet Plan For Fat Burning & Atkins Diet Plan For Healthy Living

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Atkins Diet: The Ultimate Atkins Diet Guide - Atkins Diet Plan For Weight Loss, Atkins Diet Plan For Fat Burning & Atkins Diet Plan For Healthy Living.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight, burn excess fats and live a healthy life by following the Atkins diet plan.
We’ll start by discussing the idea behind this amazing eating pattern. Then we’ll discuss the different phases of the Atkins diet program. By the end of the book, you’ll have enough information that will help you adapt the Atkins diet into your daily life. So, let’s start our journey to a healthier life.

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The Atkins Diet, an Overview
The Atkins Low-carbohydrate Diet
The Atkins Diet Program
The Atkins Eating Pattern
What Makes the Atkins Diet Work?
The Benefits of Atkins Diet
Much, much more!

The Atkins Diet, an Overview

With all the diet programs out there, it can be quite confusing choosing the right one that will work for you. If you have been trying out different kinds of diet systems like DASH, Paleo or Mediterranean, then you may have seen how different some of their approaches are.

The diet programs mentioned above all have one thing in common – you need to drastically reduce the amount of calories you eat if you want adapt the system into your life. Most of the diet programs around also require you to eat less foods that are rich in fat.

The Atkins diet, however, seems to contradict the basic principles of most popular diet systems. Unlike its counterparts, consumption of red meat, cheese, eggs, butter and even bacon are allowed in the Atkins diet – and in fairly large amounts. You may think that some of the foods mentioned are considered taboo by most dieticians and you may even wonder how eating these can help you lose weight.

That’s what makes the Atkins diet somewhat controversial, raising eyebrows from conservative advocates of traditional low-calorie, low-fat diets. But the documented success of those who follow this eating program only proves that the science behind the Atkins diet is real and it works - no matter how unorthodox it might seem to be.

The medical community is also divided into those who believe in the effectiveness of the Atkins diet and what might be the adverse effects of this for someone. Multiple research studies were made - proving the efficacy of the Atkins diet compared to the popular diet systems of those times like the Zone, Ornish and LEARN. Not surprisingly, the Atkins diet program proved to be more effective than the ones mentioned.

Some medial research studies have also been made because of the concern on the negative effects of the Atkins on cardiovascular health, partly because of the consumption of fatty foods. The results showed that there is no significant difference between those who are into the Atkins diet as compared to those who eat regular amounts of carbohydrates as recommended by the USDA.

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