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Getting Away with Everything

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Neal Collins is a charming ladies’ man whose street smarts and business savvy propel him to a position of power and respectability amidst Detroit’s neighborhood turf battles and corruption. He has the toughness, cunning, and intelligence to take advantage of opportunities that make him a force to be reckoned with. But he also has powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to take away the successful empire he has built. And the one thing Neal wants most is still out of his reach—the love of his life, Shari Grant.

Shari loves Neal with the passion of a woman who has known what it’s like to lose everything and come back stronger than ever. She is the one woman Neal cannot control. Beautiful, educated, and hardworking, she refuses to become dependent on Neal or sit at his table begging for the crumbs of his life.

While the two navigate the pathways of loss, betrayal and attempts at finding a compromise that would get them to the love part of life, Neal and Shari must finally come together to deal with outside complications that pose a threat not only to their business interests, but to their lives. They are forced to put their personal issues aside and launch a daring plan to rid Detroit of a criminal element, all the while ensuring that their loved ones aren’t caught in the aftermath.

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