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Life of Moses

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Boost Your Moses IQ in Less Than 30 minutes.

"My earnest prayer is that you... may see in the action of Moses an example for yourselves."-Charles Spurgeon

Already a Moses-expert? Boost your Moses IQ in less than 30 minutes with Rose Publishing's Life of Moses.

You may know him as the great Lawgiver, the leader who parted the Red Sea, and the prophet who provided the Israelites with provision in the desert. But few realize Moses' insecurities...his hidden fears and anxieties. Get to know the real Moses: the 80-year-old man who hated the limelight, feared public speaking, and doubted God's call at first.

Life of Moses pamphlet gives you 100's of facts—at your fingertips. Its full-color comparison charts, pictures, maps, and time lines allow you to easily understand Moses' family drama; track his Exodus journey; and uncover his personal struggles. In its thorough overview, you learn Moses' full story and its symbolic meaning without having to rummage through several heavy reference books and confusing commentaries.

Moses gave us more than the Ten Commandments; he gave us an example to learn from. Find out how you can gain the confidence to follow God's will just as Moses did, and discover how God transforms our weaknesses and failures into strengths by getting Life of Moses today.
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Check out Life of Moses' Visual Features

• Time line featuring Moses' major life events.
• Map of the Exodus route.
• Comparison chart on major events between Moses and Israel.
• Comparison chart between Moses and Jesus.
• Chart summarizing Moses' instructions in Deuteronomy.
• Illustrations of Moses throughout his life.

These visuals provide you with loads of information at a glance.

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