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Meridian: Black Earth, #2

515 pages7 hours


Black Ice. It is a substance of magic mined from the earth, an Enhancement of the senses, and a diversion for the aristocracy who consume it. To Arythan Crow, "Dark Wizard of Cerborath," it is nothing more than a black crystal, and his role is to harvest and purify it. But when this crystal becomes the object of attacks, a kidnapping, and the near demise of the prince, he has to wonder what more is to be learned of this Enhancement.

Arythan's investigation uncovers enemies as well as crystals, but Eraekryst, his Ilangien companion, has kept one foe a secret. Seranonde the Huntress, a powerful and malevolent immortal, has sighted her quarry, and despite any of Eraekryst's efforts, he wonders if he will be able to find the means to defeat an adversary who is in every way his superior.

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