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Social Media Body Language

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Social Media Body Language: How To Spot the Con Artists of Social Media is all about social media marketing, social media strategy, social media planner, social media roi, social media management, social media gospel, and social media dangers. Cyber crime is on the increase worldwide and the social media is filled with nefarious characters bent on harming you. How do you protect yourself but better yet, how do you spot the bad guys in order to protect yourself? Body Language is a visual outward expression but it is also visible through the words and content that people post online. This book teaches you how to spot the bad guys by using the very content and words that they post in social media. It is a dynamic way to learn the many things that words convey. Just like visual body language, the body cannot lie and so it is with words. Yes the words can lie but not the way people form their sentences and meanings. You will be utterly surprised how behavioral scientists like Dr. Harry Jay are trained to profile bad guys using their own content against them. Now you can learn these techniques too and in so doing add another tool to your personal interaction toolkit.

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