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Enhancing Children’s Natural Intuition

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The world within is a vast and rich world that is often overlooked and not explored in depth. Our outer world is full of distractions, overstimulation, and demands on our time.

Children get used to busy days and being over stimulated. Very often this involves excessive computer games and television shows.

This course is designed to support children/students in exploring their inner world in a fun and experiential way. They learn about their feelings, and where their feelings express themselves in their bodies. They fine-tune their ability to listen deeply and trust themselves and what their body is telling them.

They isolate and fine-tune their senses and see how their senses help guide them, inform them and support them in their inner knowing.

They focus on an inner quality and how to strengthen it in their lives.These life skills can serve the children/students throughout their lives, building a foundation to trust their inner guidance.

Intuition is a knowing without knowing why we know, an inner guidance and sense, a trusting of the self.

It helps us make right choices in our lives. We use intuition all the time in our choices and decisions, from feeling what food our bodies want to eat, to decisions as significant as knowing who we want to marry.

Children are naturally in touch with their feelings and their senses. They have a very direct use of intuition. This course is designed to remind children to trust their inner knowing, and strengthen what they already know.

It gives them tools, and direct experiences to build a foundation they can rely on to support and guide them under any circumstances.

The importance of this set of life skills is often overlooked, and typically, under-used. As we become sensitized to our own inner world, we develop the capacity to connect more deeply with others. As we understand our own feelings, we are less likely to project them outward onto others. We can deepen our compassion for others.

This course works well for children ages 8-14 years old. It is easy to use the course, step-by-step, as a weekly program.

This course can open doors to some deep sharing, it helps children/students access their own vulnerabilities that are normally hidden.

Children are powerfully impacted by true stories that touch their hearts. The lessons will have a lasting effect when they can relate and empathize with each other and see how the tools work in real life situations.

This work book is for teachers, social workers, school councilors, and psychologists, who work with this age range and may find this workbook an easy and natural tool.

It is for parents, Girl Scout troop leaders or others who may read this workbook and feel drawn to use it with a group of children or with their own families. It is a special way for a family to bond and open up to one another. It is a way to get to know each other deeply.

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