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Sleeping with Guns

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Personal Self Protection - Sleeping with Guns is an epic book that examines the art of self-protection in today’s world by examining such topics as guns, guns and crime, guns freedom and terrorism, guns in the workplace, personal protection training, personal protection security, and personal self protection. It delves into touchy topics such as gun control and the mindset of fear. It examines a balanced approach to life where a person can actually enjoy a quality life while still maintaining vigilance against danger. It provides a variety of alternative forms of protection other than physical weapons such as guns, knives, mace and more. Its main premise is that the human mind is the best defense against any danger or peril. Written by one of the nation’s leading behavioral scientist, Dr. Leland Benton examines the science behind the need to protect oneself and loved ones. Dr. Benton is also Chief Forensics Investigator for ForensicsNation and is responsible for over 1100o arrests and conviction of all types of criminals. He is highly qualified to write this book and with over 200-books written on Amazon alone, he is a prolific writer and speaker. This book is a part of his Cyber Crime/Cyber Forensics series of books.

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