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Bully America

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Bullying - Bully America: What is happening to our children?
Bully America tears apart American Society to examine what
we have become. From the trial of Jerry Sandusky to the
taunting of the bus monitor, Karen Klein by a group of
young boys, the author looks into each event and describes
exactly what happened and how it can be corrected. It is
not just a matter of child issues that needs to be
identified and corrected. It goes much deeper than
this. What you will discover in this book is something
that might be painful to read. The author, a behavioral
scientist, approaches the changing of America using
examples and events. He outlines the event but then
demonstrates how this can all be corrected. It is this
correction that becomes painful as the reader realizes
that we are all in this together...alone. The author provides
information on bullying in schools, anti bullying programs
in schools, and ways to stop bullying in school. As a school
employs an anti bully program, it utilizes the programs and
anti bullying facts contained in this book. Furthermore, the
book addresses cyber bullying in detail and the ways to stop
cyber bullying.

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