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The 12 Signs of the Zodiac – All About Astrology Signs

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All About Astrology Signs: Personality, Relationships, Luck and Lifestyle, Leisure and Romance, Gift Ideas and Finance

From hobbies and romance to work and money, here’s everything you need to know about each Star Sign.

Read an in-depth analysis of each Sun Sign’s personality including:
Positive and negative traits
Money, Luck and Lucky Mascots
Health and Hobbies
Relationships and Romance
Gift ideas for each Sun Sign

Astrology can lead to a better understanding of yourself, of others, of your relationships and of how others perceive you. And just as life is not all-serious, each Sun Sign analysis contains some fun and light-hearted features such as gift-giving, lucky mascots and how to attract love as well as suggestions on how to please your lover.

Look up your own Sun Sign to find out more about your basic character traits according to the Sun’s position on the date you were born. This book is also written in a way for you to understand your family and friends according to their Sun Signs. There is an analysis of each Star Sign’s personality along with tips for those who want to know their friends, lovers and relatives better.

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