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Jail Bertie And the Peanut Ladies

301 pages4 hours


Bertie is at it again. It starts when she wants a traffic light at a dangerous intersection. But because the purchase of an automatic traffic counter would cut into the city council's Christmas party fund, Bertie is forced to count each car personally and present a report. Then Bertie, in her inimitable fashion, gets into it with one of the council members. When he dies of a heart attack, she's accused of causing it. Goaded into running for the now-open position, an unlikely political career is launched. That's not all. She finds herself running against Booger Bailey, he of barking goat fame. That's going to be interesting. Who, for instance, is the mysterious donor financing his campaign? And then there's the two octogenarians who talk Bertie into backing them in a business venture: street vending their boiled peanuts. But what are they really up to? Seemingly insignificant events once again twist Bertie's life into a series of improbable, and hilarious, misadventures. Because Bertie is off and running.

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