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Coxworth Academy 5

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The fifth installment of the Coxworth Academy series begins on a Sunday morning, with Andrew and Aaron on their way to the Thermae. The young men are on a mission to meet with their beautiful Asian instructors, Kikue and Suki, and convince those two lovely ladies that the schoolboys should swap Grooming and Deportment partners. Andrew wants to be paired with his former - and hopefully future - girlfriend, a French sweetheart named Abrial; while Aaron craves some quality time with Bess, the busty blonde beauty who currently thinks she 'owns' Andrew. The schoolboys' plans are temporarily thwarted, however, when they arrive at the ancient Roman replica building and are confronted by an attractive, middle-aged matron who introduces herself as Madame Maruyama.

Later that night, when all of the male students are asleep in their dormitory, Insula Alpha, they are gruffly awakened by the unwelcome arrival of Principal Finky and her bodybuilding manservant, Brutus. Accompanying them are two Coxworth Academy security guards in forest-green uniforms, and a beautiful, raven-haired lady in white who is introduced as the school's new Assistant Principal, Amelie Tuckerman. The bleary-eyed boys soon learn that the unexpected nighttime intrusion is the result of an incident that occurred earlier that evening, when a pair of unidentified schoolboys made an unauthorized and unaccompanied visit to the girls' dormitory, Insula Beta. The students deny any wrongdoing, and this leads Miss Tuckerman, who is now responsible for enforcing discipline and administering punishment, to use some shocking inquisition tactics to get the information she needs. She soon earns her Coxworth Academy nickname, 'The White Dominatrix.'

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